For guests using our stadium facilities, please see the following guide to ensure you have the most rewarding of experiences:

ADA Drop-off Zones

People with disability can be dropped off towards the drive (at the north side of the stadium). An ADA sign plate is required and must be highlighted so the police and park attendants can allow admittance.

ADA Seating

Our stadium facilities come equipped with wheelchair ramps alongside companion seating to assist people with disabilities so they can have an enjoyable experience when they use our stadiums. For guests to make use of this arrangement, be advised to purchase the specific ticket which is available at the ticketing office or through Ticketmaster.

Should Ticketmaster deplete its wheelchair-accessible tickets, but normal tickets are still on sale, the person with disability is allowed to purchase the normal tickets and contact one of our facility professionals who would arrange an exchange or prepare wheelchair-accessible seating for the guest.

Please note that it is within the right of the stadium authority to take necessary action against people found to have purchased wheel-chair accessible seats either fraudulently or through the black market.

Advertising & Promotion

Our marketing team is on ground to provide you with a vast variety of advertising as well as promotional options for your company, personals, and events for services which have been booked within the stadium or around the surrounding vicinity.

Our versatile team of professional marketers have the required experience in planning your events, custom design and creative services, driving sponsorship sales, public relations, as well as public sponsorships and publicity. This has enabled the team to affiliate with different corporate bodies, expanding brands, and highlighting visibility. For your advertising and promotional needs, please use the contact forms here.

Alcoholic Beverages and Illicit Drugs

Our stadium facilities are usually thronged by people of different age ranges including adults and minors. Because of the presence of minors, the sale of alcoholic beverages in our stadium facilities is heavily regulated. The sale of beer is therefore to be conducted at only designated sale points.

The sale of beer or other alcoholic beverages at spots other than the designated sale points will lead to confiscation of goods and ejection from the stadium and/or facilities. Illicit drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone caught with an illicit drug will be reported to the police authorities.

Automated Teller Machines

All the stadium facilities in our management come with ATMs which are conveniently located in secure locations around the stadium. You are required to use these machines safely and securely. The management and company will not be liable for any loss incurred by you when you use ATM facilities.

Bags and Personal Belongings Search

This is to inform ticket owners that they may be subject to a protocol security search when making their entrance into our stadiums or facilities. By purchasing a ticket and presenting at point of entry, you hereby acquiesce to being searched and hereby waive any and all claims that you may have against the stadium and facilities.

Should you have any problem with giving your consent to these terms you are hereby required not to enter into any and all of our stadiums or facilities. For further guide on our stadium entry policies please see here.

Proper Conduct

All spectators, guests, and visitors of our stadiums, or facilities are required to be of proper behavior. Unruly or uncouth will not be allowed and may be used as grounds for ejection from our stadiums or facilities, as well as cancellation of ticket privileges or the initiation of an action in civil or criminal court.

Uncouth and unruly behavior include but is not limited to:

  • Intoxication

  • Profanity or abusive language

  • Throwing objects with intent to harm.

  • Inordinate standing in seating zones

  • Smoking in the stadium

  • Purchase or bringing illicit drugs

  • Entry or attempted entry into the field of play

All visitors who are unable to conform to these rules need not enter the stadium or facilities. Each visitor is required to hold on to the ticket stub and be ready to exhibit it when required to show their seat location.